Happy Chanukah!
Join Us For Chanukah In Ellicott City!

Rabbi's Message
Chanukah is coming, and we want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very happy and inspiring eight-day Festival of Lights!

Reading and sharing is great, but the most important thing do is to light the menorah. Click here for a full guide with all of the information you need to fulfill this mitzvah.

Be sure to check out our Chanukah event directory. Chances are there is a Chanukah event near you. Click here to search now.

Happy Chanukah!



Howard County Chanukah Event Schedule

Dec 7th 
Chanukah Party At The Ellicott City 50+ Center: 11:00 am - 12: 00 pm

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Night 1 Dec 12
Menorah On Main Street Ellicott City (Thomas Issac Log Cabin) : 6-7 pm

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Night 2 Dec 13
Turf Valley Towne Square Chanukah Celebration: 6:00-7:00 pm

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Night 3 Dec 14

Dorsey Search Village Center  and Chanukah Celebration: 6:00-7pm

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Night 4 Dec 21
Dorsey's Search Village Center Chanukah Celebration: 6:30pm

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Night 5 Dec 22
Chanukah On Ice Family Festival Color Burst Park: 5:00pm

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Want Your Own Menorah?

We'll be giving out kits with menorahs and candles. You could even come with and help us distribute them!

Sunday Dec 11-Dec 23

Chabad Ellicott City 

Call: 443-676-3837 for timing


Chanukah How-To
Not sure whether it's set up left to right or right to left or whether it's lit right to left or left to right?

We can help!

Click here to check out tutorials.

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