A Conversation With Irene Weiss

  • Dear Friends,

    As we look back on one of the darkest periods of human history, we must ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust are never forgotten. The atrocities committed during this time were truly unimaginable, and it is up to us to make sure that future generations understand the importance of preventing such horrific events from happening again.

    Holocaust education is crucial to achieving this goal. By teaching our children about the Holocaust and its causes, we can help them develop a sense of empathy, understanding, and respect for all people, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or background. We can help them learn about the warning signs of hate and prejudice, and how to speak out against them.

    However, Holocaust education cannot be achieved without the support of our community. It requires funding, resources, and a commitment to ensuring that this history is not erased from our collective memory.

    That's why I'm appealing to you today to contribute to Chabad's Holocaust education efforts. Whether it's through donations to community programs dedicated to the Holocaust, or through volunteering your time to speak with young people about the importance of tolerance and understanding, every little bit helps.

    Together, we can ensure that the next generation never forgets the lessons of the Holocaust. We can ensure that the legacy of those who suffered and died during this time is honored, and that their stories are told for generations to come.

    Thank you for your consideration and commitment to building a better, more compassionate world.

    You can submit a contribution using the form below. Thanks in advance for your generosity.


     Rabbi Yanky & Leah Baron

    Lubavitch Of Howard County  DBA Chabad Of Ellicott City Is A Registered 501(C)3 Non-Profit Organization Number: 521-531-329

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